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the art of capture and return
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This is a communtiy where members can post their pictures. Your pictures can be anything (as long as they follow the rules (see bellow)) You are absolutely allow to review others pictures and give opinions/suggestions, and ask questions. Digitally modified pictures are accepted. All in all, enjoy!

1. Please no nude or suggestive pictures, if you post any, you WILL be banned
2. This is a community strictly for the expression of photography, your work is open to opinion
3. If you don't like a peice of work, express it as nicely as you can, if you fail to do this, you WILL be kicked out
4. If your image is larger than 150K, post it under and LJ cut
5. Pictures exceeding 600x600, are to be made into thumbnail size (150x150) and/or placed behind an LJ cut
6. Multiple pictures are to be placed behind an LJ cut
7. No offensive material, or you will be banned
8. You may ONLY post your own work, should it be anyone else's, you must credit them
9. Have fun and express yourself!

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